Today in the city Covina 30.04.2017
CUBAN: It’s ‘the middle of the end’ for Trump and his business empire ‘has a chance of going down with him’

Mark Cuban told CNBC Thursday that he thinks Donald Trump's presidential aspirations, as well as his business career, at at "the middle of the end." Het bericht CUBAN: It’s ‘the middle of...

Kendall Jenner Takes Cues From Kate Moss and Kurt Cobain

One part supermodel, one part rock legend? When Kendall Jenner stepped out yesterday at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills, the millennial catwalker seemed to channel a hybrid of Kate Moss and Kurt Cob...

Songs We Love: Michael Chapman, 'That Time Of Night'

Chapman's appealingly leathery, lived-in voice takes a backward glance at a long line of memories that are part of a "thread that can't be broken" running through all of our lives.

B/R Weekly Rushdown: Mark Cuban on esports, Team Secret Drama

It was a slow, slow week in esports. The League World Championship continues to plug on, sure, and there were some fun announcements surrounding League of Legends' upcoming replays and the hype t...

New Mix: Pusha T And Rivers Cuomo Join Zeds Dead, Amber Coffman, TOY, More

This week's show features new music from Amber Coffman, a tribute to a friend and a collaboration between Rivers Cuomo and Pusha T. Plus: Reports of the guitar solo's death were greatly exaggerated.

Mark Cuban: 'I haven't and won't invest in [e-sports] teams'

Cuban has invested in several gaming startups, but he has reservations about putting his money into individual teams.

‘There he goes again’: Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here’s what he said

Billionaire businessman Mark Cuban live-tweeted the entire second presidential debate on Sunday. Het bericht ‘There he goes again’: Mark Cuban live-tweeted the whole debate — here’s...

The Harmony Between Cuban And American Music

Felix Contreras of NPR's Alt.Latino podcast explains the relationship between the U.S. and Cuban jazz with NPR's Rachel Martin.

MARK CUBAN: ‘Bernie Madoff now has a better brand’ than Trump, and there’s going to be a ‘mass exodus’

Cuban sounded off about the leaked tape of Trump, where he said that he was able to "grab" women "by the p---y" because "when you're a star they let you do it." Het bericht MARK CUBAN: ‘Bernie M...

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